Action consensus

 6. Lausitzer climate & energy camp

The burning of coal is one of the main causes of global warming. To slow down climate change, at least 80 percent of the known fossil fuels worldwide have to stay underground.

However, the current policies toward coal mining in Germany speak a totally different language. Supported by the federal state government of Brandenburg and Saxony, the swedish state-owned enterprise Vattenfall pushes forward its mining plans in the Lausitz in order to increase profit with the intended sale of the lignite coal sector.

We’ll clearly point out: New investors will not only buy a futureless industrial branch but also meet with local resistance.

With workshops, cultural events and many-sided activities we’ll protest together with many other people in the Lausitz climate camp against the climate-damaging power generation of coal and the intended sale of the lignite coal sector by Vattenfall. Given the urgency of global warming and its catastrophic consequences for societies and ecosystems, we think it is essential to protest peacefully against coal mining and all coal infrastructure.

In places of destruction caused by coal mining, there will be many people protesting in several ways. Some already have experience with events of civil disobedience, others don’t. Some live in the area, others join the camp from further away.

We will act together to show solidarity. We don’t want to hurt or endanger anyone and we also don’t want to be hurt ourselves. For that reason we’ll take care of one another and act in order to de-escalate when needed. Safety and integrity is our main priority. No infrastructure will be damaged or destroyed. Our actions are not directed against the workers in coal industry or the police.

We show solidarity to all who fight against the destructive policies of Vattenfall and other lignite coal investors and for an ecological, democratic and social energy supply. We consider ourselves part of a legitimate international climate movement. Racist and discriminatory ideas have no place here and are not appreciated!

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