Lignite and resettlement

In Lusatia alone, over 30,000 people lost their home in the past 80 years, because they had to make room for the open pit mine. 136 villages disappeared from the map, partly or completely. The resettlement represents a fairly complex change in the affected people’s social context. Even in integrated resettlement projects, a considerable part (about 1/4 to 1/3 of the population) of the original citizens doesn’t move to the new village despite the financial disadvantage. For that reason alone, the entire community is subject to massive decline and extensive restructuring. From a financial point of view, the resettlements are being carried out in a way that none of the affected people are put at disadvantage.

However, there is no compensation for social and psychological damage. Especially the elderly are on their own regarding this matter. From time to time, this type of problem ends in hospitalization or occasionally in a premature death. Despite efforts like setting up so-called social networks, this damage can only be cushioned pettily. There is no means of balancing the loss of a sense of home that is caused by resettlement.

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