Call for the Lausitzcamp

Stop coal mining

6. Lausitzer climate & energy camp 2016

Climate protection needs abandoning coal mining

Globally the year 2015 was once again – after 2014 – the warmest on record. Temperatures already lie 0,9 degrees above the preindustriell level. This is close to the limit: At the climate conference in Paris it has been agreed that the global average temperature must not rise above 2 degrees maximum, preferably 1,5 degrees, until the end of the century.

The conclusion? Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas have to stay underground – above all the particularly climate damaging lignite coal. It becomes quite clear that new pits must not be opened in the future because they will literally cement the fossil generation of energy over decades and at the same time slow down the development of renewable energies. Nonetheless three new pits are in process of planning in the Lausitz area and also one new pit is being planned on the Polish side.

No big bucks for coal

Supported by the federal state government of Brandenburg and Saxony the swedish state-owned enterprise Vattenfall pushes on its mining plans. With the intended sale of the lignite coal sector, Vattenfall will also increase its profit. But we call upon Vattenfall not to abandon responsibility and to end coal mining in an ecologically sound and socially acceptable manner. Vattenfall made big money for years by ruthlessly exploiting man and nature so it should anwer for the follow-up costs.

We demand: A forceful climate protection requires that the coal stays underground. That’s what we’ll fight for – also to do justice to our global responsibility. Climate change is a global problem that mostly hits those who are least responsible for it. A consistent energie transition provides an important contribution to global justice and against worldwide expulsion induced by the shortage of water, land and food.

The climate camp

For the sixth time the Lausitzcamp provides a stage to connect the local resistence against new pits and power stations with the global perspective of the fight for climate justice. We are organised in a direct democratic way and part of a vivid and active climate movement that is connencted by the fight for resource conservation, climate justice, sovereignity of energy and democracy.

We’ll be organising a many-sided climate camp in the Lausitz area from the 9th until the 16th of May 2016. It will be a place of networking where we can exchange experiences as well as discuss coal and energy topics in a creativ and implementing way. We want to look into alternative concepts of living with the focus on handling each other and the natural resources with awareness and care. We also want to provide a starting point for resistive practice and direct actions.

Stop coal mining

The Lausitzcamp points out: New investors will not only buy a futureless industrial branch but also the local resistance!
We claim that Vattenfall takes on its duties which means: no new pits, abandoning lignite coal mining now, leave fossile energie sources underground.

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