Important things to know about the organisation of the camp you will find here
Camp information booklet

INFOZELT (information tent): The Infozelt is your first contact point. Please drop in here first. You’ll find information about the camp in general and about the site, the programme and you can pay your camp fee.
The information team’s phone number is: +49 152 180 378 05.

The camp is funded by DONATIONS and CAMP FEES. Please take a share according to your financial ability – Dues and donations will be collected at the info-tent or can be transferred to our donation account. The approximate value for accomodation and vegan cuisine adds up to 10 to 15 Euro per day. We appreciate it if those who can afford to contribute more will do so and those who have less pay less. Every fee helps us. Thanks for your contribution.

EATING and DRINKING: The “Fläming Kitchen” will cook and cater for all camp participants, day visitors and other visitors. For environmental and political reasons, the kitchen will avoid using animal products, with a few small exceptions. The contribution that you have paid to the camp will cover the costs of the vegan food, which will contain individually labelled vegetarian products. The kitchen will need us to help out with chopping and washing up. If you suffer from food allergies or other intolerances, please talk to our team in the information tent so that we can find a solution. You can buy cold drinks from our bar.

What you should bring to Camp
• Tent, sleeping bag, camping mattress, flashlight and identity card
• Bikes: We are in a rural area, so it makes sense to be as mobile as possible.
• Weather precautions: The camp site is an open field, so remember sunscreen, insect repellent, something to give you shade as well as a rain coat and good boots.
• If there is space left in your luggage: art and crafts materials, fabrics and paints
• And of course: creativity, zest for action and good vibrations!

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